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Ajisen Ramen 1st Shop (Kumamoto, Japan) Y1968.jpg

Pictured: The founder's family in front of the first Ajisen Ramen shop in Kyushu, Japan

Ajisen Ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968.


Over the years, the unique taste of our ramen allowed for global expansion to 700+ locations in over 15 countries such as Canada, Japan, Singapore, USA, Italy, China, and more. Despite our growth, we have stayed true to our roots.

We continue to follow the same recipes that the founder used since 1968 to make every bowl with our hearts.

Our name AJISEN means "a thousand tastes"and perfectly embodies the carefully crafted flavours of our ramen.


Ajisen Ramen was brought to Canada in 2005 by Johnny san as one of the first ramen brands in Toronto.

We have 11 locations across Ontario and are constantly growing to bring authentic ramen to new Canadian markets.


Ajisen Ramen is known for our distinctive flavours and high-quality toppings. Majority of our ingredients are imported directly from Japan, ensuring we provide our guests the most original taste. We are proud to serve Kyushu-style ramen, which uses a unique style of straight noodles that pair perfectly with our broths. Our noodles are made with a special blend of flour and water, and every batch of ramen noodles we produce undergoes a quality control process to ensure that only the best go in your bowl.


Our menu features ramen options ranging from traditional tonkotsu and shoyu ramen to more modern twists like spicy miso, tom yum, and creamy vegetarian broths. We also offer a variety of appetizers such as our house made gyoza and drinks to compliment your ramen experience.

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